Grades 9+

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    CBA educates students teaching them about problem-creating, collaboration, problem-solving, creative expression, critical thinking, discussion-based interactions, effective reasoning, and innovation


    CBA Students have an important role in understanding the level of education needed to reach new heights


    CBA students learn how to:


    -Acquire insight based around new developments

    -Acquire skills needed for effective research

    -Think in depth using creative thinking and collaboration

    -Build autonomy from independent study lessions

    -Develop sound ideas that connect with others




    Q: How can I apply?

    A: Click this link to apply today


    Q: What are the costs for academics/athletics at CBA?

    A: Costs vary per applicant email us for information


    Q: What are the age levels to participate?

    A: We have various programs for all age groups


    Q: Are high-school courses state aligned, and can I get into college?

    A: Yes, all courses are state aligned and meets the requirements needed for college admissions


    Q: Are courses only online, or can I to take them at a facility?

    A: Both options are available depending on your enrollment plan