• CBA Leaders

    Founder & Executive Staff

  • Damond L. Williams

    Founder / Executive Officer


    Mr. Williams has over 25 years of experience in the field of basketball, and is a dual degree holder in Social Sciences. He attended 3 universities between 1998-2003; New Mexico State University, University of Memphis, and McNeese State University. With both experience as a player, and as an executive, Mr. Williams proved that leadership, innovation, and empathy for the sport of basketball is the best way you can give back. In 2013, he noticed an unmet demand regarding athletes seeking complete career opportunities in the field of basketball. This further sparked Mr. Williams to structure an L3C, which is a hybrid entity, aimed to support mission driven initiatives like CBA. Shortly after creating this social-enterprise business model, he developed strategic partnerships with local, and global organizations to assist the youth with tools needed that will be essential throughout their careers. Mr. Williams is notably recognized for the term "Basketball Economy" which involves all areas of the business of basketball. Lastly, Mr. Williams has increased human capital, and international participation rates at CBA by more than 200% over a 5 year period. Mr. Williams has gained national recognition from Crains, Forbes, the BBB, and other prominent media sources throughout the world.

  • Christian Drolett

    Advisory Board / BEI Director


    Mr. Drolett, began his basketball career coaching High-School basketball in Utah in the late 2010's. After receiving his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Utah, he became the Staff Supervisor and Team Official at Basin Recreation. His responsibilities covered various components of facility operations, and day to day involvement. Mr. Drolett moved to Chicago shortly after, and subsequently began his tenure at CBA as a mentor & counselor for athletes in 2014. Shortly after, he was voted in as an Advisory Board member in 2015. Mr Drolett has over 15 years of experience in the field of basketball, and a huge heart for helping youth strive for excellence. Mr. Drolett has successfully led Sports for Development workshops over a 3 year period with one of CBA's founding partners, UNICEF.

  • Yevgenia A. Beinik

    Community Relations / Brand Ambassador


    Ms. Beinik, studied Fashion Design & Marketing at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago. With over 15 years of experience as a fashion stylist and event coordinator, she successfully launched Social Grace LifeStyle Brand in 2014. Social Grace, is a website designed for event management, and planning through user-end consultation strategies. Also, Ms. Beinik began her tenure with CBA in 2014, by planning and executing one of CBA's most successful awarenesses events held at McLaren Chicago. Since then, Ms. Beinik has planned and executed many notable events for CBA, such as 'Driving Excellence' held at Bentley Gold Coast, and 'Urban Learning' held at The Godfrey.


  • Rio Iwamura

    Global Ambassador / Partner


    Ms. Iwamura, a native of Gunma, Japan is currently a special advisor for the Athletic Department at Jobu University. Mr. Iwamura studied International and Intercultural Communications at Bunkyo University, a private university located in Japan. Over the last 5 years, Mr. Rio has conducted dozens of cultural exchange programs with universities, organizations, and academies around the world. His eager approach in rebuilding Japans's basketball culture is what led him to CBA. In 2015, he attended a CBA executive coaching clinic, and thereafter presented a partnership opportunity aimed at improving the quality of basketball in Japan. In mid 2018, Mr. Iwamura was recognized by the Board for his global prowess, and was later named Global Ambassador effective the calendar year of 2019.


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